The Australian Centre for Autism Services has been working with the autism community for more than twenty years. Our team provides a high standard service delivery providing educational and support services to individuals with autism, their families, carers and support teams. The Australian Centre for Autism Services provides evidence based services as identified in The National Autism Center’s, National Standards Report 2009 and the FaHCSIA A review of the research to identify the most effective models of practice in early intervention of children with autism spectrum disorders. Prior M. et al 2011.


About Autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterised by a triad of deficits, social interaction, communication, and restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour. This altered developmental trajectory starts very early in childhood and becomes more visible around the age of two. The prevalence rate is estimated to be 1 in 68 children according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2014).

The recent NDIA report 2014, showed 26% of client approved NDIS plans had a primary diagnosis of autism, making autism the largest single disability group to access NDIS assistance.